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Morgan Advanced Materials highlights fire protection, wear and chemical corrosion resistant materials for offshore Oil & Gas applications at OTC 2013

May 03, 2013

Morgan Advanced Materials (Morgan) announces that it will be showcasing a broad range of its products for the oil and gas production and exploration industries at the 2013 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, TX at the Reliant Center from May 6-9 2013 in Booth 8555. Morgan will be displaying a wide range of products and solutions, including fire protection, brazed assemblies, piezoelectric ceramic components, CVD Diamond and DLC Coatings, and carbon and silicon carbide seals and bearings.

Experienced engineers will be available to provide a general overview of capabilities, demonstrate the products on display, and offer consultation on component design and choice of materials for custom solutions and applications.

The Group’s new FireMaster® RES (Rigid Enclosure System) will be on display. The FireMaster® RES is a stainless steel enclosure system developed to provide 60 minute jet fire protection of valves, actuators and flanges on offshore production platforms and onshore hydrocarbon processing plants. The system uses high-efficiency insulation materials providing a robust, weather protective enclosure solution for all equipment requiring jet fire protection, especially those with very low critical temperature limits. RES is Type Approved by Lloyds Register of Shipping.

Also on display will be a variety of materials ideal for ceramic liner sleeves in large diameter tubes used in downhole drilling. Morgan’s alumina and Halsic-R recrystallized silicon carbide (SiC) materials are ideally suited for highly demanding and harsh wear applications. Halsic-R features high thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, and good mechanical strength at high temperatures. Whilst Morgan’s Alsint 997 alumina material provides good mechanical strength and electrical resistivity, operates at high temperatures, and is resistant to chemical attack.

Alumina is also ideal for pump components, particularly as insulation for electrical pin connector ends. Ceramic pin connectors typically last longer than plastic or metal, enabling them to offer an overall cost-of-life advantage for sensitive or hard to service applications. For applications requiring even greater strength and toughness, Morgan will be showcasing both Nilcra™ Zirconia, its branded Magnesia Partially Stabilized Zirconia renowned as being the toughest ceramic in the world, and Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA). These materials provide a cost effective solution with exceptional mechanical strength, toughness, and resistance to corrosion for physically demanding environments. Components manufactured from Nilcra Zirconia and ZTA offer increased life for use in pumps, valves and other severe service applications.

Morgan will also be featuring Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) and CVD Diamond coatings from Diamonex® for use on various metals, plastics, and glass. These coatings provide exceptional corrosion and abrasion resistance, and are finely tuned to support a wide variety of materials and applications. They can be applied to both flat surfaces and 3D parts using CVD, direct ion beam, or RF plasma deposition techniques. These Diamonex® coatings provide a super-hard, low friction surface with properties approaching those of natural diamond, and they can significantly extend the lifetime of a component or assembly.

Visitors can also see Morgan’s piezoelectric ceramic components, sensors, actuators and transducers for use in oceanographic, industrial, and other state-of- the-art research applications. Morgan’s material science and design expertise provides customers with differentiated solutions that ensure optimum product performance. Also highlighted will be Morgan’s OEM approved and customer-preferred carbon brushes for both offshore and land oil rigs which utilize DC equipment.

Also on display will be a range of seals and bearings manufactured from Morgan’s advanced carbon, graphite, and silicon carbide materials for use in a range of oil and gas processing applications. With carbon graphite featuring inherent self-lubricating properties, chemical and abrasion resistance, and dimensional stability, these materials make an ideal choice for bearings in many wet or dry applications. In addition, formulas can be tailored to suit the needs of the application as fluid stream requirements change.

Finally, Morgan will also highlight its new solutions for fire protection on offshore platforms, and LNG and FPSO vessels. The systems provide hydrocarbon and jet fire protection for process equipment and low weight options for acoustic, thermal and fire protection of living quarters. The new low density FireMaster® Marine PLUS Blanket systems will be on display which now offer improved weight saving installation flexibility for bulkhead and deck fire protection on offshore platforms. FireMaster® Marine PLUS Blanket has received Type Approvals from DNV as well as approvals under the EU Marine Equipment Directive (MED) for a wide range of steel, aluminium, and composite fire-rated bulkhead and deck constructions.

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